An Unsatisfactory Outcome

Not too long ago in La Yagüita, rumor reached me of a plot that was afoot.  A couple of known criminals were said to be planning to rob me of my camera and possessions.  One was about my size and perhaps twenty years old, while the other couldn’t have been more than fifteen, 5’4”, and must have weighed less than 120lbs.  Since I had spent a great deal of time in the area, I had regularly noticed that the diminutive delinquent consistently carried a pistol.  As much annoyed and angered as scared, I resented having to modify my wandering patterns to avoid the areas they frequented.  Months after returning to NY, I checked in with a friend who had told me that the neighborhood was reaching its limit with the violence and predations of the pair.  The update: one of the two had been murdered and the other was imprisoned.